Our Founder, John Mattera has been in the distribution industry since 1969. John sold most of his stake in this business but he still consults over the exclusive distribution rights for several brands in the New York metro area. Some brands are already National brands or house hold names, some have been established since.  1984. The brands include but are not limited to Tea-Fresco, Jake's Cookies, Frozen Valley Wine Sorbets, Java Energy Beans, Java-ffagtto, Chunks "O" Fruit, Java-Fresco, Java-Juices, Ice Cream and a Pulitzer Prize Winners Child Learning Cards.                                                                              Call - 1 800 801 5519 to become a distributor today.       


Distributors have an exclusive right to sell Teafresco, Jake's Cookies, Fruti Fruit Bars, Java Juice, Java Beans, Javfagatto, Frozen Valley Wine Sorbets with

our stop protection. Our product lines offer all of our

distributors very strong profit margins. 

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