East Coast Snacks

Who We Are 

​John Mattera our founder and retired CEO has been in the ice cream business since 1974. At East Coast, we operate from a long history of success, by creating routes for people to service with our exclusive lines of products we are creating secure income streams for people looking to control their financial futures.

​Our strategy comes from an impressive range of backgrounds and education from schools and street training complied by our management team. â€‹Our staff ranges from almost every form of employment and business. â€‹Our diversity allows us to find the best solutions for any problem. East Coast Snacks sells several EXCLUSIVE product lines including but not limited to Tea-Fresco, Frozen Valley Wine Sorbets, Chunks O Fruti, Jake's Cookies, Pulitzer prize Winners Child Cards and more.

East Coast Snacks uses The Route Store to develop it's territories Nationwide. Our management team consists of mostly Veterans. Veterans are people you can count on to act in an orderly and honorable manor so most people can count on their abilities. To learn more about our management team click on the tab to the right. We can boast of having the industry leading expert with us and this also helps our clients find the solutions that they need to expand or information that in some cases help people to survive in                                a rapidly changing business environment. Click on the tab to see                                the faces of all the people claiming to be the industry experts that you need if your looking to patent, buy, sell, partner, expand, build, contract or license, sub license a product, Idea, patent or your company IT. 

    Call 1 800 801 5519 to speak to an EXPERT!