​​​ What Matters:

​1   How long are we in the distribution industry?

Most of us are very diverse and seasoned. We have been in all

kinds of business in several states and several sectors since 1969 with Pepsi and from 1974 - 2017, with Ice  Cream.  

2   What brands have you worked with or owned

Owned, 2 Haggandazs Ice Cream Master Warehouses - NY.

Owned Dietz & Watson Provisions Master Warehouse - FL.

Owned Snapple Routes - NY

Owned Froze Fruit Routes - NY - FL

Owned Florida's Natural Orange juice Master Warehouse - NY

Owned Eddy's, Distributorship - FL

Fruti Master Warehouse development TX

Farm Land Diary - PA - Combined we have owned others   

3   How many businesses have we been involved with 

We have been in many businesses John alone has been in over 25 businesses and at the moment he;s involved with 5 businesses. All together the team has owned over 50 businesses ranging from

owning Stock Brokerages to Franchises to Retail stores, our

business associattions are in the several thousands.

4   What accomplishments have you had.

We have Imported, Exported, Branded, Created, Patented, Sold, Bought and expanded businesses for our selves and others and

have a 100% client satisfaction rating. We know more about small business than most people in the distribution sector do. ​

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 Industry Overview:
​Understanding where the opinion comes from is very important to your decision process.  The brands we have licensed are part of  a future wave of route business. It;s not just our brands it's all new brands, that come with the room to grow whereas today's brands at the saturation point. The saturation point is the point of no return once there the only growth left is buying from another distributor. 

There are no EXCEPTIONS, saturation is always followed by company restrictions, encouraging internal purchasing, 

even offering favorable financing to reduce the number of future litigants for when they call the routes back. Realize EVERY company reserves the rights their chain and big box stores servicing them is not an entitlement of ownership there is no VALUE to the servicing entity in an equity context.

Many brands you know are in the contraction stage, some

lower commission, some like Coke, Arizona and Keebler take

back routes. All Keebler distributors lost their routes in 2017

Dannon lost their protection in 2013, Arnold took back 2 % the gross net and the list continues. Most companies have restrictive agreements. We have a front seat to the truth its not biased opinions its being in an informative position. As experts, John was called to testify as an expert on valuation on behalf of Arizona distributors within the settlement stage of their pending litigation. The last people to know the truth are the people effected by the truth.   

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